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Ever dropped your phone in a toilet, pool, sink, or any other water source? This can lead to a variety of issues, especially with the speakers, which can get drastically damaged. No need to panic, though. Fix My Speaker is here to help you eject water from your phone’s speaker so that the speaker’s damage can be prevented.

Fix My Speaker is an online speaker cleaner app that helps to eject water from speakers. The app isn’t limited to only the phone’s speaker; it works well for all sorts of other devices’ speakers, let it be laptops, airpods, smartwatches, apple watch etc.

Moreover, Fix My Speaker also effectively cleans dust from the speaker, resulting in clear sound. It has a built in water ejection feature.


How does Fix My Speaker work?

Our tool uses sound wave technology to remove water from phone speakers. We use different types of sound waves, from high frequency to low frequency, resulting in your speaker getting dry.

Fix My Speaker now has two effective modes to expel water and dust from your speaker. One is sound wave mode, and the other is vibration mode. Each mode has its benefits.

  1. Sound Wave Mode:
    • Sound waves are best known for their effective water and dust removal capabilities.
    • It uses different sound waves and tones at different frequencies to expel fluid and water.
  2. Vibration Mode:
    • Vibration mode is also one of the most effective methods to blow out water or clean the speaker from dust.

It is recommended to use both modes 2-3 times to get the best result. If, after using both methods, they don’t work, then go visit your nearby service center.

Also, if the phone’s speakers are giving distorted sound because they recently fell into salt water, then get professional help so that possible speaker damage can be prevented.

Here is a visual YouTube video to guide you on how to use Fix My Speaker. 

How do I clean my speaker from the water?

There are a few effective ways to clean your speaker, and one of the most effective and popular options is to use the Fix My Speaker app. It uses sound technology to expel water from the speaker.

To clean your speaker from water, follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Wipe the water off the phone with a cloth.
  • Step 2: Raise the speaker volume to the maximum.
  • Step 3: Tilt your phone in a way that the speaker is directed downward.
  • Step 4: Select the sound mode and press the button. Wait until the audio progress bar reaches 100%.
  • Step 5: Select the vibration mode, then press the eject water button. Wait until the progress bar reaches 100%.
  • Step 6: Repeat the process 2-3 times for a better result.

Popular ways to clean speaker

Other popular methods of expelling water from speakers are the rice method and the silica gel method.

Method 1: The Rice Method

The rice method of cleaning speakers from water is by far the most popular DIY method. Here’s the step-by-step process of the rice method to try.

  1. Act Quickly: Retrieve your phone from the water as soon as possible. The faster you act, the better chance you have to prevent damage.
  2. Turn Off Your Phone: Power off your device immediately to avoid any short circuits.
  3. Remove Excess Water: Shake your phone gently to remove excess water, but avoid vigorous shaking, as it may cause further damage.
  4. Grab Some Rice: Get a bowl and fill it with uncooked rice.
  5. Submerge Your Phone: Place your phone in the bowl of rice, ensuring it is completely covered. Rice is excellent at absorbing moisture.
  6. Let it Sit: Leave your phone in the rice for at least 24-48 hours. This allows the rice to absorb the remaining water from the device.
  7. Check and Power On: After the waiting period, check if your phone is dry. If it seems dry, power it on. If not, give it a bit more time.

The Rice Method is a tried-and-true technique, but patience is the key here. Rushing might lead to unintended consequences, so give your device the time it needs to recover.

Method 2: Silica Gel Method

Here’s a step-by-step guide on the Silica Gel Method to rescue your phone’s speaker.

  1. Swift Action: Retrieve your phone quickly and power it off immediately.
  2. Remove Excess Water: Gently shake your phone to remove as much water as possible.
  3. Grab Silica Gel Packets: If available, gather silica gel packets. You can find them in shoeboxes, and electronics packaging, or purchase them online.
  4. Create a Silica Gel Chamber: Place your phone and silica gel packets in a sealed container. Ensure the phone is not directly touching the gel.
  5. Let it Sit: Leave your phone in the container for 24-48 hours. Silica gel is effective at absorbing moisture.
  6. Check and Power On: After the waiting period, check if your phone is dry. If it feels dry, power it on. If not, give it a bit more time.

Remember, patience is key in both methods. Don’t be too hasty to power on your phone, even if it looks dry on the outside. Give it ample time to ensure all the moisture is gone.

Fix My Speaker sound technology

We have used a combination of both high and low-frequency sound in our web app, this way every portion of the speaker gets covered resulting in dry speakers faster and more effectively.

Our tool vs other fix my speaker tool

We are proud to say that we are the most detailed solution web app available for speaker cleaners.

Most of the tools available for this matter are not visually good and most of them’s sounds are static and the same sound playing for ages, while our sound waves and frequency change every few seconds this way our app covers every inside part of the speaker.

Below is the comparison table of Our Fix My Speaker app vs other apps:

Fix My Speaker AppOther Apps
❌ Lacks a clear indication of when the audio will pause, potentially confusing users.❌ Mainly relies on a single type of sound wave, potentially limiting its efficiency in cleaning speakers thoroughly.
✅ Vibration mode is available.❌ No vibration mode.
✅ Comes with modern design, contributing to a positive user experience.❌ Features an outdated and unattractive design.
✅ Includes a progress bar for tracking sound progress, giving users a clear indication of the cleaning progress.❌ Lacks a clear indication of when the audio will pause, potentially causing confusion for users.
✅ Highlighted clickable button, making it easy for users to navigate and engage with the app.❌ Confusing navigation, less user-friendly.

The use of different sound waves and frequencies in its modes demonstrates a more advanced and tailored approach to speaker maintenance compared to other apps.

The clear recommendation to use both modes 2-3 times for optimal results further highlights the app’s commitment to user satisfaction.

Why do you need to clean your phone speakers from water and dust?

Keeping your phone speakers clean from dust and water is important to maintain their performance and longevity. Despite their small size, phone speakers play a vital role in your device’s functionality.

Let’s talk about dust first. Over time, dust can accumulate in your speaker, muffling the sound and decreasing the overall audio quality.

This could affect your ability to hear phone calls, music, videos, and audio notifications.

Now, on to water. Exposing your phone speakers to water can cause irreversible damage. If water seeps into the speakers, it could potentially distort the audio or stop it completely.

In worst cases, it could lead to short circuits impacting not only your phone’s sound but other features as well.

Cleaning your phone speakers from water and dust helps to ensure that you can enjoy clear, uninterrupted sound at all times.

It preserves the quality and extends the life of your device, saving you from unnecessary replacement costs.

It’s also a relatively simple and quick process, so why not give your speakers the care they deserve? You’ll get the most out of your smartphone this way.

What to do if your phone falls in the water?


The first thing to do is to pull it out fast. The longer it stays underwater, the more damage it can sustain. Switch it off and remove the SIM card, memory card, and battery if they are removable.

After that, dry off the device with a soft cloth to remove all the visible water. Avoid shaking or moving your phone harshly as the water could reach other parts of the phone.

Let it dry a bit naturally. Do not use any heat source like a hair dryer. This could cause more damage.

Here’s where our handy tool, Fix My Speaker, comes in. This remarkable tool is an online app that helps get rid of water from your phone’s speakers and any other device too.

It propels water droplets from your speakers using sound wave technology, so you won’t have to worry about muffled audio anymore.

In the case of dust particles, Fix My Speaker does the job as well. It cleans your speakers effectively to give you the clear sound you desire.

It comes with two modes, sound wave and vibration. Sound wave mode is excellent for removing water and dust, and the vibration mode is also effective at pushing out water and dust.

Remember, using ‘Fix My Speaker‘ immediately after drying off your phone can make all the difference in effectively removing water and dust. So don’t panic, Just try our tool and let the magic happen.

Frequently asked questions

Let’s address some of the most common queries you might have about our tool or this topic.

Question: Does Fix My Speaker work?

Answer: Our tool, using sound wave technology and carefully designed modes, ensures the successful removal of dust and water from your speaker

Question: Is it safe to use Fix My Speaker to remove water and dust?

Answer: Yes, it is. The technology used by our tool is not only effective but also very safe for your device.

Question: Can I use the tool if my speaker has already been damaged by water?

Answer: Yes, you can. Although our tool was designed to remove water, it may not be able to repair water damage. It’s best to consult with a professional for damaged speakers.

Question: What should I do if my phone speaker is crackling or muffling?

Answer: This may be due to dust or moisture. Try using ‘Fix My Speaker’ to clean and eject water out. If the problem persists, a professional check-up is suggested.

Question: How do you clean dust out of speakers?

Answer: Use our Fix My Speaker tool. It’s designed to emit sound waves that effectively remove dust from speakers.

Reviews from real users

Below are reviews for the same sound technology we’re using as we are new to the market; below are some of the reviews from other trusted sources where people have put reviews for the same sound technology.

Kururu Mukino

Thank you!! My phone slid off of the little space I put it above the sink while I was washing the dishes and it half of it went into a bowl filled with water before I could catch it. It only took a few minutes for the audio to work again too! Very much thanks.


Debnath Ipsita

Thank you so much I’ll recommend this to everyone this is literally a life saver unexpected!! ❤️


Milan Dey

It’s really nice…. it’s 100% working for me


Sandali Ariyaratne

Omg thank you so muchhhhh it workeddddd


Rapeah Seman

from iphone 7 until 15 i used this audio every single time! works like a charm!! thank you



Useful for real !


Priyanshi Singh

100 % working.. Thank you


Shruthi Vasanth

This is a life saver. My phone fell into a sink completely filled with water. I used this sound only once. Now my speaker is working as normal.



It really worked, i can’t believe! After only 1 time played. Thanks to whoever made it


Mercy Joy De Guzman

waaaaah thank you 😭 it worked!! At first I tried the rice but it didn’t work so I had to try this, thank youuuu 😭❤️


and many more……

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